A Global Bridge

Hello world!

When they set up the standard “Hello World” blog post for new WordPress blogs, I’m certain they weren’t thinking of A Global Bridge. Especially not when that global bridge is a middle-aged, African American mom who doesn’t get to travel […]

Kindness of Strangers?

This past week my husband and I watched Spike Lee’s documentary “If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise” on HBO.  Excellent, but painful to see. Of course, we’ve followed the story closely from the beginning.  We have extended family members who had […]

Day in the Life

This evening, random chatter at the dinner table turns into: Kiddo #2: Stop that! No I’m not. ~pause for mother trying to plug in to what just happened~ Kiddo #3: Yes you are. Kiddo #4: Yah, yah. You too are. […]